I am now back at work pretty much full time and have my play space in St Peters for the next year at least. Having been pretty much regulars only since 2017 I had forgotten about a ridiculous issue with my email that has plagued me since my first days of going private.

Early on, for tours, I used to do a bulk email out to previous clients to notify them of my tour dates. Because both of my email addresses contain the word ‘Mistress’ in them, it got flagged by gmail as spam, and now, almost 10 years later, if we haven’t previously had email interaction then most of my replies to you will be in your junk folder. There are a number of things I can do about this including setting up a new email address to reply to messages from. As I write this, this sounds like the most sensible thing for me to do.

Twitter messaging is very convenient and completely anonymous if privacy is a big issue for you. I check twitter every day, and messages that include formal content such as “I am looking for a CP booking in Sydney next week, are you available then?” or “Hello Mistress, do you offer FTT sessions at the moment in [insert city here]. I am looking at booking these dates [x, y, or z]” will get a reply. I now have absolutely no time for internet tyre kickers who cannot be professional in their approach.

Text message by phone — I tend to check my phone daily for session requests but the same applies. I am as discreet as possible in text message exchanges unless you have specifically told me we can be candid about content. This may include arrangements for me to send a blank text message if I am touring your city, or to save your number in my phone as contactable via text business hours only, or to never text you at all.

I almost never answer phone calls unless you are a regular client, especially if you have told me explicitly that you cannot text for privacy reasons. I don’t think anyone likes answering the phone these days!

Please enjoy this vintage photo of me at Salon Kitty’s which was promo for my phone fantasy scenes in 2007.

Lastly, have you read Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony?’ If not then you should! My philosophy professor recommended it to me as it is about a torture machine, however it has serious themes of social domination, devotion to ideology, and psychology that a lot of you would enjoy. It’s also a short story so not a huge commitment. Please email me with your reviews if you get a chance to read it!