One of my many great loves in life is having a decent human toilet to service my every sadistic need and desire. This morning a regular client of mine was proposed this question: Are you a toilet salve or just a human toilet? Until this point, I had figured that the two go hand in hand. You start the session as any submissive would — the great undressing and being put in your place, perhaps collared and led into the bathroom to begin service. Before today’s session, we had always done an elaborate role play that culminated in me forcing him, one way or another, to consume my shit. Today, he decided he just wanted to be a toilet. It’s been a while since I had a non-roleplay session, and, to be honest, this is very enjoyable for me because I am a natural FTT top and using human toilets is very much second nature to me. I enjoy inflicting the slow torment of consumption on a willing party, and this morning my toilet was very much in the mood to be pushed. I think you cannot have a relaxed FTT session — the act itself is entirely humiliating, albeit in an empowering way. The internal dialogue, the self-perseverence, and the conquering of the body over the mind are all very empowering features of all BDSM play, and I think the FTT is a fun way to experience this out-of-body feeling without chasing the endorphins of pain play which is far more common.


So… The toilet slave is groomed and trained to service the Mistress, and the human toilet is just nothing more than a vessel for the consumption of bodily refuse. Both provide the same service. Both are trained to set up for play and to pack down/ scrub, clean, and wash their kingdom afterward. Some are forced to cum, and some are forced to the edge and then sent home to be chaste for a week or a day or otherwise. All become embodied with my filth; nothing is truly hornier than knowing that.

Anyway, the fact that this has become one of my favourite and most second-nature sessions is also pretty wild to me. I’m sure I lose a lot of BDSM customers who are disgusted by the thought of this practice — to them, I say this. Pull up your big-boy socks and come back when you’re ready to be truly challenged; to really find out what sub-space is.