I visited Mistress Tahlia for the first time in April 2022. She was conducting a tour of Brisbane and I had been previously captured by her demeanour and attitude from recent Twitter communication. I have visited many Dommes from around the world and I was keen to see a Mistress from my own country. Mistress Tahlia was friendly and professional in her communication and soon I was appearing before her for a 2 hour detention. The first thing that struck me when reporting for detention was her power and strength. Mistress Tahlia stands tall and will overwhelm at first impression with her height and strength. She will then capture your mind with her feminine charm and innocence. Once you feel comfortable her iron hands will smack down across your bare buttocks or rip across your face! When Mistress Tahlia grabs your ear and drags you into the corner you have no choice but to comply and obey. My first session was for 2 hours which seemed all over before it started but not before I had received 28 strokes of the cane on my bare buttocks.

Have no doubt when Mistress Tahlia says she will hurt you you will be punished and suffer. After my first visit Mistress Tahlia remained first and foremost in my thoughts. So much so that I contacted her recently to see if I could have another session this time at her premises in Sydney. Mistress Tahlia readily agreed and soon I had been sent a Detention Notice to report for detention at 9.00 am. Detention would be 3 hours this time and Mistress Tahlia would catch me with contraband in my possession at School e.g. cigarettes. I arrived on time and soon I was waiting outside the Detention room. With fear and nerves abound I was called into the Detention Room where Mistress Tahlia stood tall and towering over me once again. My submission was complete as Mistress Tahlia examined my most inner thoughts and sought satisfactory explanations for my poor behaviour. Time has no boundaries when in the presence of Mistress Tahlia. I managed enough self reflection after writing lines and standing in the corner to receive only 25 strokes of the cane for my misdemeanours. Mistress Tahlia delivered the last 5 strokes with tremendous force and left me almost in tears. I was punished, humiliated and felt totally degraded by this woman of superior intelligence and power. Mistress Tahlia is everything and more that you can expect from a Mistress who will get inside your brain and punish you unmercifully. Mistress Tahlia is a treasure in the BDSM world and anybody who is given the privilege of serving Her will be truly punished and spellbound by her imagination and skill. I will continue to be a regular visitor to Mistress Tahlia and I cannot recommend her too highly for the female domination experience of a lifetime both physically and mentally. My desire to be punished and disciplined by Mistress Tahlia now knows no bounds. She has my heart, my brain and my desire for physical suffering forever more.