my overnight session with Mistress Tahlia was a wonderful way to spend my birthday. Being my birthday i was afforded the luxury of being permitted to successfully appeal the severity of my punishment and have the number of my cane strokes received to almost half the original number. i have no doubt i will receive them at a later date. i was also afforded the luxury of having more of an input into our session than usual. These luxuries, which i was very grateful for, i still felt the wrath of Mistress Tahlia’s ruthless and articulate ways and mind. As a slave, trying to negotiate with a mistress can be like dealing with the devil, every treat comes with a price. And it appears this slave only knows how to learn that price, the hard way. Mistress Tahlia’s knowledge and awareness of just how far She can push Her slave’s boundaries to ensure maximum pleasure for both parties is exceptional. She knows exactly how much pain i can take more than i do and She knows when i am bunging it on just to avoid being punished. It is very difficult to cry wolf when my/ Her slave cock finds a way to get harder and stay hard while it is being waxed, flogged and stomped on. While a safe word or gesture is always available, i feel there is no need to apply them as Mistress Tahlia knows my limits and knows when i have reached them.
  Dressed in a red wet look leotard and black wrestling boots, i locked myself in the cage and awaited Mistress Tahlia’s arrival. The anticipation of being punished and humiliated by Mistress Tahlia is such a euphoric and intoxicating feeling in itself. Actually being punished and humiliated by Mistress Tahlia was the best birthday present this slave could have asked for. Her touch, some times gentle, but mostly not so, and attention to detail made it such a humiliatingly exciting experience. Mistress looked achingly beautiful in Her outfit, and i was glad i was not blindfolded and able to admire Her beauty throughout the session. Her hands and long fingernails gently sliding over my Lycra clad crotch felt amazing, but i knew it was a prelude my/Her cock being exposed and punished. Mistress pulled my leotard to one side to expose my/Her cock for a thorough inspection. Perhaps displeased with what Mistress saw, my/Her cock was introduced to the sole of Her boot. A stomp hard enough i was certain Her boot print tattooed my cock. i was unable to move in the cage as i was tightly restrained, no where to go and no way avoid whatever punishment Mistress saw fit. As the punishment continued, so did my predicament. Now trussed in the sling, Mistress flogged my/Her exposed cock to the point where i was making too much noise for Her liking. A choking cock gag in my slave mouth took care of that, but as Mistress was sensing i was close to orgasm, the gag was removed and i was milked dry and Mistress Tahlia made sure my cum was directed into my mouth. It had been 19 days since i had released and i shot out like never before and some did find it’s target and i was forced to swallow my own slave spunk.
[snippet of the session can be seen here]
 After showering we went to a nice French restaurant for dinner. When we returned, i was locked in the dungeon, shackled to the cage and forced to sleep on a bed of nails for the night and wearing a cock ring. It was a rough night’s sleep and definitely not the best way to prepare for the next morning’s punishment. i was some how able to take 15 cane strokes from Mistress Tahlia before being milked agian. i have no doubt my cock and butt will be very sore for the next few days.
 Thank You so much Mistress for a wonderful birthday session. It is a pleasure to serve You and an absolute privilege to be Your slave.