Hello dearly devoted. It’s been an unusually long absence from touring, having traveled far and wide and to a great extent over November and December. I took January off and have just been seeing local clients to me in Sydney up until now, late March. I’ve been doing some wonderful psychological role plays, a favourite being you are picked up in a bar and think I am taking you home to have sex however when you get hereĀ  you realise I have some bent fantasies I am expecting you to comply with. I use my sexual prowess and methods of seduction to convince you that you will both enjoy yourself and give me great pleasure if you attend to these fantasies. The usual tumult of forced pleasure on me with forced consumption of my bodily fluids or being led around the room by your balls which I have pulled out from beneath your jocks.

Melbourne I am back in the CBD April 22 – 24. Newcastle, I am returning May 13 – 14, and Brisbane, June 3-5.