While I sit at Maroochydore airport, I have some time to update my website! Its been one of the best tours ever. Two cities back to back, Brisbane and now the Sunshine Coast. Catching up with some much-loved regulars in Brisbane and meeting a few new ones in Sunny Coast. Sometimes I feel like my life is a dream. Its really a lot of work doing back to back tours, however the years of relationships built make it a piece of cake, and always mutually enjoyable. I had some lovely home-cooked meals brought to me, as well home-made crafts and even an art calendar. I got a great mix of bookings and time off on the Sunny Coast and enjoyed myself immensely at the beach and skate park! I also had the pleasure of being driven around by one of my students who is shaping up to be quite the proficient all-rounder! I will be working through the X-mas year break but not looking at my work phone consistently so if you’d like to book please do so in advance. I still have Newcastle to come December 18th. May the joys of summer reign down on us (warmth, nudity, holidays), and if Christmas is a particularly uneventful or disdained time of the year, remember, we are with you, and it is massively shit (ha ha).

No gifts for me this year, please – just donate to a charity working to help the people in Gaza or the people of Yemen who have also been under blockade since opposing the Iraq war decades ago, all of whose children are being starved due to collective punishment. Send me a screen shot of your donation and I will give the highest bidder a free session! 


Save the Children


Review from a detention session.

Good morning Miss Tahlia I am writing this as a huge thank you less than 12 hours after completing my Detention. You gave me the most incredible experience with my detention on the Sunshine Coast. My heart beat so much faster when I received my detention slip and saw the words maintenance detention. My immediate reaction was I think I am in big trouble. My detentions were going to be taken to a new level. After our brief conversation about straps and belts to see your image of belts, canes, tawse and strap prior to arriving for my detention had me in ecstasy full of anticipation and fear! So much so I even forgot my socks!

Once my detention started the immediate difference between a school detention and a maintenance detention became clear. The rules have changed and there is no limit to the amount of punishment I can now receive. Although I dislike the tawse immensely I take great satisfaction from receiving the tawse. I am sure you notice my hands break out into a sweat and they shake with fear but the exhilaration from the stinging and bruises makes receiving a tawse so worthwhile. 

I can assure you your hands are like steel Miss, Every single smack is felt but boys in maintenance detention must learn and what better way to learn than with an OTK spanking with your bare hand, the strap and the hairbrush. The impact of the hairbrush is amazing for such a small and innocent looking implement. Maintenance detentions certainly take OTK spankings to a new and exciting level, Miss Tahlia.

Wow what can I say about my writing punishment – the times tables. I thought writing the Lord’s Prayer was your best ever writing punishment but doing the times tables over and over again was just brilliant Miss.How could something so simple in theory yet be so challenging in reality!

To sit at your feet whilst you marked my work was humbling and humiliating. It told me there are no limits with maintenance detentions. Your caning skills are exquisite Miss. It was a new experience for me as the position I was placed in I could see the shadow of your swing and that was scary. Each and every stroke was felt Miss, especially the last 3.

The tawse on my buttock is not quite as painful as on my hands but still it was a well deserved ending for failing to bring my socks Miss.

You always leave me with so many fantastic memories and to look at my bottom and not have a single open bloodied area is amazing. Have no doubt I am feeling my bottom this morning as I lie in bed!

You have inspired me to take more pain and suffering at your desires and wishes, Miss. One day I hope to be able to take the thrashing I really deserve and I know one day you will make it happen as my maintenance detention programme develops and evolves.

I look forward to being in your maintenance detention programme for a very long time Miss Tahlia. It is the only way a boy like me will permanently learn to  behave  and improve.

FTT first timer review

Dear Mistress Tahlia, thanks again for yesterday’s session. I want to give you my thoughts, whilst they are still fresh in my mind. I want you to know that was the best session I have ever had. Second to none. For it to be the most extreme and more than likely my last, I am so grateful. You helped me conquer my own personal Everest of kink and end on a high. Thumper your cane, is indeed well named and your spanking hand should registered as a lethal weapon. People may read that and think I am exaggerating, believe me, the cumulative effect is telling. I think you need to come up with a warm up for the warmup. Don’t be afraid to post my email on our sessions eve, now that you have my post session impressions. Both go hand in hand and are testament to your mastery of your craft. Pre session you almost broke your new toilet, before it had even been used. Using very few words and letting my imagination do the rest. You a maestro of the mind fuck and to think I always thought I was the smartest person in the room. I was dreaming. You made something I thought was gross and unachievable, such a fun journey.

Another detention session review

Thanks for the great session yesterday, I had an amazing two hours. Feeling very relaxed and amazing how all stresses gone for now! Hoping to see you next time. Thanks again.