This review is extremely explicit and not for the faint-hearted. If toilet play is on your hard limit list I suggest you click this escape button here.

I have been enjoying sessions as a submissive with the wonderful Mistress Tahlia for almost nine years. In that time she has given me the confidence to express and explore my many kinks in depth and for that I’m ever grateful. Our sessions have included a wide range of activities, usually within the context of a consensual non-consent (CNC) role play and are often very physical. Over this time, I have developed a fetish for having my mouth used. I find it extremely erotic when it is filled with gags, dildos, fingers, feet, spit and golden showers, or smothered under a sexy bottom. If one can have a fetish for a particular bottom, I certainly have one for Mistress Tahlia’s perfectly formed and divine derrière. As my fetish progressed, I became increasingly attracted to the idea of forced consumption of a brown shower, surely the most intimate and devoted form of submission I could offer. 

I began to occasionally allude to this in my session requests, and through discussions with Mistress Tahlia and reading her website, I learned she needs at least two day’s notice for full toilet training (FTT) sessions, which gives her time to consider her diet in the days prior. Mistress also requires the session to take place first thing in the morning to fit with her regular schedule. That said, my requests could not be met as our appointment times were always later in the day, although some of our sessions did include the forced sucking and cleaning of dirty latex gloved fingers, which was an exciting first step towards the real deal. To be honest, I was also a little vague in my requests as I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a full toilet. Perhaps she sensed this.

We recently changed our session times to the morning, and after an intense and profound period of submission, where I was trained over four weeks to take 100 strokes of the cane, I was keen to continue to push my limits and requested a full toilet session. For me, this was best managed within a role play as I was unsure how I would cope and wished to detach myself somewhat from such an intense experience. I suggested a CNC patient/therapist scenario: I as a patient unable to perform sexually due to my deep discomfort with intimate female body odour, and Mistress Tahlia as my therapist who would ‘persuade’ me the smell and even the taste of piss and shit is a normal part of human sexuality (which of course, it is). A bit far fetched but it’s a fantasy after all! At this point, I should say it’s pretty daunting to ask another person to take part in an activity which for many people is one of the most taboo experiences imaginable, even when that person is a professional dominatrix who specialises in such things. Of course, Mistress Tahlia is just such a professional, with a deep understanding and empathy for all kinds of kinks, and she put me at ease. As she writes on her website, when it comes to full toilet sessions, ‘you have a friend in me.’ Overcoming any last minute fears, and knowing Mistress would take care of me whatever happened, the date was set. 

Mistress Tahlia is an expert. Her guidance and intuition on mentally and physically preparing me to be her toilet is based on years of experience. Mistress is also a consummate role player, and upon arrival at her ‘therapist’s practice’, she greeted me in heels, stockings, pencil skirt and blouse, a welcoming smile on her beautiful face. Seated in front of her, I was lulled into a gentle Q&A as she took notes on her laptop, seemingly genuinely interested in understanding my problem. Very soon though, her demeanour began to change as her sadistic plans for me became evident. Convincing me to remove my clothes to become ‘more comfortable,’ I was suddenly and forcefully wrestled to the ground, before being tightly bound. Resting her full weight on my body, her quiet, compassionate voice now earthy, authoritative and filled with contempt, Mistress told me she found my supposed issue with women repugnant and that nothing less than being forced to consume her golden and brown showers would resolve my problem. Slapping me hard across the face before gagging me with her damp, dirty panties, she subjected me to an intense verbal and physical interrogation which finished with 20 harsh cane strokes on my exposed anus. I was then informed we had reached the toileting part of the session. Mentally and physically beaten and already deeply humiliated, I realised I had no choice but to fully succumb to this dominant and powerful woman. Released from my bonds, I was given instructions by Mistress on how to prepare for this most degrading act, which naturally, was to take place in the bathroom. Entering the room, I had a few moments to steady my nerves, arranging things as instructed before settling into position to await my fate. I really was in disbelief that I had reached this point in my submission. Surely this is the most degrading and shameful thing one can do, but also one of the most erotically charged and intimate. The fear, excitement and incredulity that I could sink this low is hard to describe. Naked save for a leather posture collar, I lay on my back on the bathroom floor as ordered; arms by my sides, mouth wide open, head next to the toilet I was to replace, awaiting Mistress’s entrance. The anticipation in the stillness was exquisite. All senses on high alert, I fixed my eyes on the door, awaiting her presence.

After a few tense minutes she appeared: a statuesque vision now dressed in super short leather skirt and knee length leather boots – she knows the look, feel and smell of leather is another fetish of mine. Her beautiful but now steely eyes held my gaze for a few moments, her face stern as she moved to stand over me, reminding me to keep my mouth wide open at all times, and not to make a sound. As Mistress hitched up her skirt, I gazed up at her perfect long legs, delectable full bottom and moist pussy. Mesmerised, I had to resist the urge to sit up and smother myself in her nether regions. I could smell the leather mixed with her own faint aroma as she told me to get ready to drink her piss. ‘Don’t spill a drop and do not swallow until I tell you,’ she instructed. The first stream of hot urine hit the back of my throat and I moved my head slightly to ensure I caught every drop, holding it in my open mouth. ‘Flush’ came the command and I dutifully gulped it down. ‘Open’ and the next stream of gold hit the spot. ‘Flush’ and again I swallowed. This rhythm of ‘open’ and ‘flush’ continued for minutes as I focused on my job to keep the floor clean and consume every drop. I realised then how good she is at controlling her flow; releasing and holding when required. Not an easy feat and another demonstration of her expertise. I held on to her boots for support as I twisted my collared neck to collect it all and I could feel the heat of her long slender calves through the leather. Oh my god, this was total bliss. I could stay there forever. 

Eventually the stream stopped, and Mistress ordered me to clean her. Ever the sadist, she made me work to do the cleaning, my arm and shoulder muscles straining as I sat up awkwardly on my hands to clean her pussy with my tongue and mouth, the taste and smell of urine filling my senses. When she was satisfied, she ordered me to stop and resume position. ‘Are you ready to eat my shit slave? Her sharp tone and use of the word ‘shit’ shook me out of my piss drinking daze and I realised the moment had come. Years of fantasy were about to become a very hard reality. For a split second I doubted I could do it, but I was determined to please Mistress after all this time. ‘Yes Mistress’ I murmured as I lay back down. I couldn’t believe how HOT this scene was as she lowered herself on to her knees, leather boots enclosing my head, and presented her beautiful bottom just inches from my mouth, readying herself to deliver.*

I was allowed to rest my hands on her ass cheeks (more bliss) and I watched, fascinated, as her anus opened for a moment and then closed again. I could smell her shit before I could see it and after several small contractions, the golden brown emerged, pushing her hole open, close to my waiting tongue. The smell was intense and I recoiled slightly, senses overloading. ‘Can you see it?’ she asked. ‘Yes Mistress.’ ‘Lick it!’ she ordered. I tentatively pulled her cheeks apart slightly and moved my tongue over the brown, getting my first taste as it continued to slide slowly out of her ass. I pushed my tongue up into her ass cheeks, my nose buried deep in my favourite place, almost smothering myself as more of the solid stuff slid out in one small fist sized lump. Mistress Tahlia ordered me to consume, and as she contracted her anus the shit dropped into my waiting mouth. Fucking hell, I am actually doing this! Sticky but slightly dry, I rolled it around in my mouth, separating and swallowing my first small chunk. The taste was consistent with the smell – bitter and barely tolerable but I was able to follow her instructions and continued to swallow manageable amounts. I have never been so ‘in the moment’ in my life. I was completely focused on my job as a toilet, my entire world was Mistress’s anus and the shit in my mouth. Noticing I needed some moisture to help me swallow, Mistress kindly provided a few more gulps of her straw coloured piss to help me get it all down. After two or three minutes, I finished the entire mouthful.

Mistress stood for a moment to survey the scene, looking down on me with a mix of perverted pleasure and faint surprise as I lay with the remnants of her shit on my lips. I met her gaze, feeling a mix of shame and disgust, but also a strange pride. She smiled and knelt back over my face. ‘Clean my ass and play with your cock’ she ordered. ‘When you have finished cleaning, you may cum.’ I drove my tongue into her ass, unable to breathe as I used my whole face to ensure it was fully cleaned, observing how her sphincter moved in response. ‘Keep cleaning slave’ came the order, as I continued to push my tongue deep into her ass and pump my rock hard cock. Moments later, my whole body tensed and I came violently all over myself, elated and totally spent. 

I felt my body relax, a quiet calm again falling over the room. Mistress stood and smoothed down her skirt, before turning to face me, her expression softened. ‘You have done very well slave. Clean yourself up and then clean and tidy the room.’ She closed the door behind her, leaving me alone to reflect on what had just happened. Lying still, drifting in a delightful kind of sub space, I was overcome with feelings of pleasure, proud to have completed a most challenging task and delighted at having so pleased my Mistress. Knowing that this will take some time to process, I eventually rose, cleaned myself in the shower and, still naked, began wiping down the floor. I made sure the bathroom was scrupulously clean and tidy, an ever more devoted submissive who knows his new place and can’t wait to return.

*I should mention I had declared my intention to consume first, rather than cum, in case it was all over too quickly! I think this is important to discuss prior to the session.