Mistress Tahlia is a corporal punishment expert and BDSM dominatrix based in Sydney’s Inner West. With over twenty years experience Tahlia started her career at the Den of Iniquity in New York City where she was trained under Mistress Tara Indiana as a switch.

The weird and wonderful world of fetish in New York City in the 1990’s instilled a passion for BDSM that has become a full time lifestyle. Returning to Sydney for Intervals, Tahlia started an apprentice ship at Fetish House Enigma which was a long standing BDSM and cross dressing dungeon in Chippendale.

The owner at Enigma has a strict training policy for apprentice Mistresses, part of which included being submissive; taking corporal punishment; learning toilet training; and to her surprise… being spontaneously told to pierce her own nipple.

After only six months of training at Enigma Tahlia applied to Salon KItty’s. Salon Kitty’s was Australia’s elite BDSM
establishment for over 30 years before closing in 2013.

Apprenticeships at Salon Kitty’s were two years long and peer led. Under the guiding wing of Mistress Kali, Mistress Serena, Mistress Sophia and a plethora of other senior Dommes, Tahlia was able to explore and indulge in all her BDSM passions.