Its been a very busy time since I returned from Europe in July. Lots of new clients in Sydney and also lots of touring. My recent Gold Coast tour was a great success and I learned a lot about the place. Surfers Paradise is not a paradise if you don’t like surfing and I’ll be staying closer to the airport next time! I really enjoy Queensland which is why I’ve spread my wings for this next tour to the Sunshine Coast – also it seems not a lot of Mistresses venture that far north. If it is a success I may try Cairns next time!

Next week (November 13 – 15) I am in Melbourne CBD and have some availability both here and in Canberra the following days 15 – 17.

I had a wonderful gift (a very cruel bull pizzle punishment device!) seized at customs, which was silly of me in retrospect. I was looking forward to trying it out on my braver slaves! Also a new CBT device is ready for me to pick up, so this tour will have some added spice! I hope to see some of you at my feet very soon.