I’ve been thoroughly enjoying touring at the moment and I am always looking to increase my brood, so I am extending my tour schedule to Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

Canberra I had the great fortune to deliver a 100 stroke caning and welcome another member of the 100 club! Each stoke was filmed and will soon be available on my many vids clip store. The lovely gent also left me a review on Scarlet Blue which you can read at the bottom of my profile there. (here)

I also discovered a new fetish – toilet training chastity. I have now have a long-term chastity slave who is not permitted to cum without his body being full of my piss. This excites me a lot as desperation will lead him to travel to Sydney to consume (3 hours drive both ways) so he can release. He has been instructed to fake orgasm in his private relationships and perform extended edging on himself without release. I can see a potential trip to the post office with some golden nectar may be in my future [joking of course].

I also had a terrible session. I won’t pretend that they are all wonderful because occasionally you get one where the chemistry and content just doesn’t work. I love prostate massage and lately have been producing anal orgasms much more frequently than usual. This gent wanted to experience an anal orgasm leading to fisting and unfortunately he was not able to do that. As you know, I much prefer digital penetration to dildo’s as i find it more intimate and easy to manipulate the prostate. You can have awesome anal orgasms though dildo’s and fisting however its easy to overstretch/ overstimulate the area at which time you have to quit the anal due to the pleasure/ pain dichotomy swinging to the latter quashing the opportunity. I managed to save the session by doing facesitting/ breath control and edging. Phew!! Haven’t failed in a session in so many years I can’t remember. I think the expectation to have an anal orgasm may have been assumed by the wording in my ads on scarlet blue which say something along the lines of ‘Yes, I can make you cum in your arse.’ I understand the disappointment. As a woman I’ve wanted to experience female ejaculation and it did take me until my late 30’s to work out. Some never do!

Back in Sydney – my July phone/ video call Thursdays are over but they were very fun thanks to all that participated. Trying to funnel all my sessions into the Thursday but, of course, other days are available with at least 24 hours notice. Love you Sydney!