May 8th, 1965

I have just returned from a very successful meeting with St Christopers Boys College in Melbourne. They were impressed with my passion for female-led corporal punishment clinics and strongly agreed with both the reformatory powers, and the occupational health and safety aspect of my business plan. The college currently does not have a disciplinary training program for its teachers, and I was able to convince them that poor punishment was as bad as no punishment at all. They seemed genuinely shocked to learn that under-punishment of miscreants was worse than no punishment at all and were overjoyed at the prospect of a safe and thorough education. How lucky I am to have come up with such a grand idea! The college has requested I begin as soon as possible! While this is truly exciting, I do need to put my thinking cap on as I have yet to find the boy who can act as my teaching aid. I have a few in mind, three in fact, with whom I have had a multiplicity of engagements. They are all exceptionally poorly-behaved boys, and I know that constant and unwavering punishments on a daily basis will help them greatly. This, however, will be my first professional endeavor, and it is integral that they are capable, committed, reliable, and punctual too. Most of all they must be psychologically committed to their own behavioural transformation. These are not typical traits for naughty young students! It is also imperative that the boy chosen does not enjoy the attention. I was shocked to learn early on in my teaching career that some young men showed physical signs of arousal upon being placed over my knee for punishment, even when severe! I have learned this is one potential risk that I must consider. It would be disastrous were such an event to occur mid-lesson in a staff room full of female teachers! Oh dear. I feel my heart rate going up as I write. 


With these considerations in mind I have decided to approach a young man of whom the flesh of my hand has graced many times. A lovely student reallyGreat academic ability, however, afflicted with the egregious sin of acting upon impure thoughts. He once thought it proper to bring an adult magazine to school and show his classmates! This was our first encounter together, and it culminated in a harsh verbal reprimand and ten firm strokes of the cane. These were administered iin the traditional style, standing in the center of my office with his trousers pulled down and bare bottom exposed. You can imagine my surprise when he stayed firm and did not flinch with each strike! It’s unheard of for a genuine first-timer. This resilience inspired me to inflict two more full-force strokes on his buttocks, hoping to elicit some form of struggle and ensure he wasn’t being insolent with his obedience. To my surprise, there was no objection to this at all! He accepted my full brutality. What joy! Yes, I must obtain consent from his parents, who will undoubtedly be happy to hear from me. The boy’s sinful tendencies have resided so much that he himself has requested future sessions for maintenance! He is a great testament to my skill as a disciplinarian, and I believe I would be the perfect choice to demonstrate in each class. Thats all for today — I have some enquiries to make!

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