My favorite hot young thing offered his body for me to film, and we have produced 2 new predicament bondage-themed clips. In the 2 minute teaser, he is tied, legs spread, with a rope around his balls. I am standing on the very unstable bed in my platform stiletto fetish boots, using only the rope around his balls to hold me up! To terrorize him, I repeatedly lift one leg to kick him in the groin, giggling gleefully at his pain!

The full length clip includes bastinado (foot caning), anal punishment, C&B punishment– all executed while sitting on his face and controlling his oxygen intake. It’s such a great way to keep a bottom silent! Next, I use his face as a toilet. Not FTT, but he is forced to consume my golden shower and clean me with his tongue. He has such a nice cock, and I thoroughly enjoyed demolishing it.

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