I’m trying to moderate how much explicit content I post on Twitter because I am currently not shadowbanned and enjoying it! This means no links to my website and suggestions to google content. So for the new followers – and those using the search function, here are my favourite sessions for tours!

Corporal Punishment — No surprise there! I am an award-winning caner, and my experience as both a giver and a taker has led to a deep understanding of the physical and mental joys of both. On tour, my Cp selection usually consists of a paddle, 2 straps, a tawse, a hairbrush, and 2 canes. With prior arrangement, I can pack your favourite implement too! Sessions can be relaxed and just physical, or they can include fantasy role play too. Part of the joy and the life-long addiction to CP stems from the heavy verbal protocol of sessions such as schoolboy (detention or Head Mistress’s office), Nanny, or being taken advantage of by a person in power. These can be erotically charged and lead into more diverse BDSM content, or just maintenance style — very strict and with the intention of preventing bad behaviour rather than being chastised for it.

CBT — On tour I always have my electrical tens unit (both urethral and external). I enjoy heavy CBT bondage and physical torture such as slapping, dragging you around the room by your phallus, sounds, cock stomping, trampling and kicking. Serious players who can have marks may enjoy C&B caning. Stretching, clamps and my evil studded c&b vice are sure to make you cum hard.

Anal — prostate massage as a form of sexual manipulation is an absolute favourite of mine. If you prefer the subjugation of being railed with a strap on then I have multiple humiliating positions I can tie you in on the hotel bed or lounge. I have P-stim vibrating butt plugs that will send you to another dimension! But digital manipulation – sometimes even to fisting, are my ultimate favourite. I have enemas upon request (golden enema is particularly devilish) and you never need to fear being dirty or making a mess with me. I encourage it and often I DEMAND it! I have drop sheets, and leather sheets to make messy play possible and, if you’ve read my blog, you will realise that I actively seek filthy sessions. You are free to explore your true inner desires with me!

Body worship — Should your desires be strictly to be used as a sex slave for my enjoyment to the exclusion of your own bodily pleasures, then I enjoy being edged until your muscles are shaking and your jaw locked.

Wrestling — I am an expert wrestler who has retired from competitive wrestling. I know a lot of WWE moves and enjoy wrestling hold sessions as well as semi-comp and purely erotic wrestling. These can incorporate things like human furniture, face sitting, smothering, scissors (body and head) and possibly even watching me crush a watermelon between my thighs (never done it but lets!!). Requests for leotards, bikini, stockings etc need to be made at time of booking so I know what to pack. Hotel rooms these sessions are done on the carpeted floor or on the bed.

FTT — Full Toilet Training is the epitome of brown and golden shower domination. I have written extensively on this throughout my site so will just give a brief explanation. Being trained to submit to my toilet waste is the highest form of submission to me. The psychological element is in submitting so fully that you allow yourself to accept my gift into your mouth. I take great joy in seeing my clients achieve this level of subordination. There are many many options to begin your journey to FTT which includes BS, GS and full body worship. On tour these sessions can only be offered before 9am so I can only offer 2 each tour. Due to the atrition rate I require a 50% deposit ($250) at the time of confirmation. Some people just need a little more of a push! Of course, on the day, everything is consensual and limits are always respected however the terror of this particular session is half the fun.

I charge a set rate of $500/ hour which includes everything except sex – body worship, FTT, strap on… For CP only sessions my tour rate is $400/ hour. Hand relief is offered and I enjoy manipulating men this way. Nothing more exciting for me than being in control of a mans pleasure!