Its December 20th and I have returned safely to Sydney after the biggest tour of my life. I shared some amazing and intimate sessions with many regulars and quite a few new clients. 2023 will be a big touring year for me as I hope to stretch out to new cities such as Adelaide and Darwin, while also servicing my usuals every 3-4 months. I’ve got a city-to-city list filled with names of clients and potential clients to contact if I tour – please let me know if you’d like to be put on it. In the early days of touring (2013) I used to have a mailing list that I emailed to all clients. This was a terrible idea as I got quickly flagged as spam and google has been punishing me since with sending my emails to your spam folder! So, you will receive a personal email now.

Sydney clients, my playspace will be back up and running in mid-january after I return from summer holidays. I will also have my school room back as I’ve acquired more ground floor space recently.

Enjoy the summer, and to those with stripes still healingĀ  on their bottoms from recent sessions, I am thinking of you too!