2020 is nearly over — I’ve had my fair share of hurdles this year however refuse to be drawn into the ideology of a ‘bad year.’

We do take the past into the future however, and I think there is no better time than the present to create new moments we can foster in order to change the path of our lives through using our minds in conjunction with our bodies. This assertion can take many forms however the form I want to discuss today is the one where we learn to own our fantasies regardless of where they are derived from. Many fetishists know the principle cause of their fantasy object. Over the years I have engaged with many many people with quite unique desires that seem to dominate their subconscious to the point where it makes regular sexual activity (in a vanilla sense) difficult. What I love about philosophy is the way the mind is depicted as being self-organised, while the body is committed to laws of causation – ie bodies act in succession whilst the mind can think dynamically. The past can be resurrected in the mind, manipulated, changed for the better, and this idea can be embodied verbally through requesting to replay the originating scene with your own ending. There is a huge question that arises over BDSM play that has a principle cause in trauma.

I propose this question to you my reader; and I situate it within the area I am most experienced in which is the corporal punishment fetish. Do you consider your first experience with caning to be fearful? Regardless of the role you played in that scene, be it, witness, victim, a school prefect being ordered to give the strokes, or merely a student who heard the stories perhaps years later. If you could invoke again that feeling on the first day which single word would best describe your experience?

Are we merely wont to explore these feelings again because we experienced them accidentally in our childhood, or are these feelings there already waiting to be awoken?

There is something that happens when you give your body over to another person consensually, knowing you are going to experience severe pain. Corporal punishment sessions are rarely orgasm focused, with the experience being the power exchange, the obedience, the welts that last for days, the praise for taking your punishment well. This type of BDSM elevates the mind over the body for one of those rare occasions. We realised how resilient our bodies are to pain when our mind accepts it. And that endorphin rush is next to godly!

My favourite corporal punishment sessions are with bottoms who struggle. Being able to coax them through to a point where they feel safe, they learn to control their breathing, to be at one with their mind. Personally, as a submissive, I used to use visualisations a lot as a coping mechanism. I would create a scene in my mind that played out in succession and didn’t finish until I had taken every stroke of the set. This ‘zen’ state comes easily to some, whilst others, (my favourites!) resist and wince, cry out. When I see this I know they are not giving themselves to me, they are staying within their bodies. My duty as a disciplinarian is to take you out of your body to a space where you are all mine. There may be tears along the way and this is the vulnerability coming to the surface. I love tears. As a submissive if you can make me cry then I’m yours forever. I experience a ‘waterfall’ sensation when I cry.  It means I have lost control and the feeling is a physical falling feeling. The dialogue in my mind says ‘here we go!’ My eyes roll in the back of my head and I am there; in the zen.

I am travelling to Melbourne December 20 – 23rd and will be bringing my best CP equipment with me. If you are interested in pain play then my corporal punishment sessions allow you a gentle escalation into your own pain experience. I will lead you step by step with gentle verbal guidance until you are trained to take the thrashing we all know you deserve.

You can check out some of my caning clips here

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