I have been on a long hiatus, however am happy to announce I will be taking new corporal punishment clients in 2021. I have returned to my previous BDSM play space just 20 minutes from the CBD and 15 minutes from the airport. As I am still a full time student I am offering bookings on Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 10pm by appointment only. The services I will be offering are situated more to my own interests and “The Office” will focus on impact and sensation play with a fantasy role play focus. I am admitting that I do not enjoy dressing up in latex and PVC. Whilst having a dungeon to play in certainly has its benefits, I find the sitting a bit too intimidating for my style. The theme of “The Office” incorporates the suspense of the first day at work, the mistake, the summons….. The School Ma’am reports to the Head Mistress’s office daily with the devious deeds of the boarding school pupils (sometimes finding herself bent over with skirt raised if she conflates reports purposively). Of course, stockings, suspenders, and court shoes are mandatory for all Disciplinarians regardless of their stature. Pencil skirts for OTK must be pulled up to mid-thigh exposing the briefest swish of flesh; finding warmth in miscreants pulled-down trousers. Twelve strokes for genuine mistakes. Twenty-four strokes for lying. Thirty-six strokes for immoral thoughts. Fifty strokes for inappropriate behaviour towards a superior. One hundred strokes for Mistress’s pleasure. How many times will the cane fall on your behind?

Q: I don’t think I can take it that hard.

A: What a great statement and of course one that is on the lips of all new spankees. I pride myself on building up new corporal punishment bottoms and were I to go in too hard on the first date then I risk you not having a pleasant time. Whether you start at spanking over my knee and we finish with fantasy role play, or start at a three stroke cold caning and finish at 24 strokes the world is our oyster. I play to your limits and my experience tells me when I think you want to be pushed. My hope is that you leave and continue to think about your punishment so that next visit you will take more.

Q: How much is it?

A: Normal BDSM sessions charge on content however seeing as I am only focussing on CP my fee starts at $200 for 30 mins and $350 for an hour. This includes fantasy role play, spanking, paddling, leather implements, caning and can include bondage if you prefer to feel less in control.

Q: Do I get to cum?

A: Yes however it is not a requirement. Some find the ecstasy of being punished to be greater than any orgasm they could have. Many CP clients and caning fetishists don’t find it sexual in the slightest.  Some find they are so aroused by the role play and the OTK spanking that they accidentally orgasm whilst over my lap. Some enjoy being forcibly milked as a form of domination (I like this one!). My favorite CP training session is forcing my submissive to maintain an erection whilst I intermittently punish him. Countdowns, ruined orgasms, cock spanking… so much to unpack here.

Q: Can I punish you?

A: Yes. Whilst my current focus is on Domination I am happy, and always eager to share my skills with “new” dominants. Being spanked is one of my favorite all time activities and switch spanking just shares the love.  Whilst I am a well-known heavy submissive I am not taking on new clients at the moment. If you would like to see me getting thrashed please check out my manyvids.com site here.

sydney spanking caning studio now open