There has undoubtedly been an influx of requests for prostate massage and pegging sessions. Pegging is a new term that I came across a few years ago – it appears that the vernacular of online life seems to be overtaking that of reality! I now use the term “pegging” myself for strap on sessions.

Last week I did an anal stretching session for the first time in a long while. Most of my clients find the erotic and sensual experience of prostate massage seems to alleviate the pain that is experienced when using a strap on dildo. I make sure to check in throughout these stretching sessions, asking intermittently if the experience is pleasure or pain. It’s easy to cross the line and then once the pain takes over you have to move to something else. I’m not a huge fan of using enemas as I think they generate more mess than they prevent. Any anal play will almost certainly produce some mess so I would like to put my clients mind at ease and let you know that I am not in the least bothered by this. If you have taken all efforts to visit me in a fresh state (ie showered and if possible having gone naturally to the toilet beforehand) then there is no reason to be ashamed.

Fisting sessions are different as the entire anal cavity (up to the teeth!) must be empty. I was taught to fist by Mistress Kali at Salon Kittys about 18 years ago and there is a magical motion that your hand needs to make to get deep into the body, not just the anus.

My playspace has a sex sling which makes extended bondage, sensory deprivation and anal sessions possible. I have many Mistress friends available for gang bang style sessions.

As my time is limited these will need to be done on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday before 5pm and for guests a deposit of $100 is required.

Prostate massage sessions are $350/ hour.

“Pegging” sessions are $400/ hour

Fisting sessions are $500/ hour or $900 for 2 hours.


This march I’m offering 2 hours of pegging and prostate massage for $600. Mention the special in your text message to get the deal. 0405 348 416 or