I’ve had a long and fruitful touring Mistress career and would like to share a few sexy and kinky photos I’ve taken along the way. Melbourne is my most toured city and I have a strong following of session wrestlers there. Session wrestling can entail many different physical relations that I wouldn’t consider competitive in any way. Erotic or non-competitive wrestling sessions can involve such things as smothering, face sitting, human furniture, trampling, face standing and body worship. In this image I am using my submissive as a human chair whilst also deeply smothering him with my sweaty crotch. I love to hold this position until fail or mercy.

facesitting/ smothering/ human furniture submission.

I love having my photo taken in session, and have even begun to film some porn in with clients who enjoy exhibitionism and public display. In this image, my muscled physique is contrasted to one of Melbourne’s many skylines. Whilst my battle with stockings and suspenders is well known, I am a stiletto shoe fetishist and these Louboutins were a xmas gift from and old devotee named Joanna. Joanna – if you are reading this thank you so much for our time together and I hope you have found joy and contentment!

The final photo in my collection that I am sharing today shows the pleasure component of a pleasure/ pain domination session. This particular client went on to complete my 100 stroke caning training – not for the faint hearted! Learning about the pleasure inherent in physical pain exchange is the first step in gaining control of your body through conscious recognition. We start small and we escalate to wild and deep lashings that imprint on our psyche; drive us to know more about our desires, our bodies and where we fit in in this world. 

Of course  I like to orgasm too and, although BDSM sessions with a professional usually focus on the orgasm of the submissive, it is YOUR duty to ensure my needs are met too. Either by torture, humiliation or oral service a BDSM professional with leave a mark on you and your quest for sexual liberation from the intricacies of the corporeal body you once thought you knew.