Mistress Tahlia is very articulate at ensuring our sessions are never the same and always exciting, and painful, which i guess goes without saying and is very much expected.   i arrived at Mistress Tahlia’s dungeon for an overnight session that would be so much different from any other we had ever had. Mistress Tahlia was not there when i arrived and i had been given strict instructions to follow. i put on my outfit and put myself in the cage, shackled myself in and waited for Mistress to arrive. i didn’t know how long that would be and there was nothing i could do about it but wait in any case. When i heard Miss Tahlia arrive my slave cock rose with anticipation and before i got a chance to see Her i was immediately blindfolded, a ball gag was shoved into my mouth and the cage doors were padlocked. i was ordered not to speak and i heard papers reswelling before Mistress Tahlia started reading a list of indiscretions levelled against me. i was then informed that i was going to be punished severely for my actions.  It was my first time in a cage and i had to get used to it very quickly as i knew i would be in there for quite some time. Mistress pulled my leotard to one side to expose my/Her slave cock. She was pleased to see that it was nice and smooth and i was wearing my cock ring and She gently stroked it while saying so. This is where the pleasantries would end and the punishment began. Mistress slapped my cock a few times and told me there would be no mercying out tonight, which both scared and excited me. But mostly scared me. Mistress tied me to the bars of the cage ensuring my cock was protruding and exposed through the bars to allow Her full access. She poured hot wax on my cock and balls and i’m sure She was enjoying hearing my muffled moans in pain and reminded me i was not to mercy out. Mistress then left me there for She only knows how long, but it felt like hours, to be alone with my thoughts. i could hear the sound of footsteps walking up and down a corridor, steel doors closing and chains rattling and every now and then i would feel a cool breeze on my cock before it was repeatedly slapped without a word being said. Other times i felt Mistress’s boot press against my cock and balls, which were now very sore from the punishment i had endured.  Once again i was left alone in the cage with only my thoughts, thinking i hope i have pleased Mistress with the punishment i had taken from Her, as i know as Her slave that is what i must do. i think my cock may have gone soft at one point and Mistress returned and caressed it and made it hard again and stroked it until i begged Her to allow me to release, which She did.   i shot out like i had never done before and when Mistress let me out of the cage and forced me onto the floor at the end of Her bed where i was to sleep i was still moaning with excitement and my whole body was shuddering and my heart was racing. Being locked in the cage for an extended period made my orgasm so much more euphoric it was the best feeling i had ever had. 
 i cannot wait to be locked in the cage by Mistress Tahlia again. We have had some great sessions but this one was by far and away the best. But knowing Mistress Tahlia i have no doubt She will find a way to make the next cage session even better.