This is a repost from twitter with a little more depth. You can read the original post here.

It is unbelievable how many calories I need to sustain the energy required for back-to-back sessions while on tour. Recently I stayed in a new hotel on the Gold Coast and had a really busy tour planned. The hotel was a high rise and it was quite a way away from the centre of town, and getting supplies wasn’t easy as there was no supermarket near by. Those of you who know me well know that I am an early riser and I’m often scrolling google maps looking for a coffee shop open at 430am on a weekday… buckleys! As many of my very sweet and appreciative tour clients often bring me gifts of food I thought i’d compile a list of snack foods that I eat while on tour to a) ensure regualrity for FTT/ BS sessions and b) replenish the sexual energy I’ve spent with real energy from nutritious foods. I am quite easy as I eat everything, love meat, love vegan food, love Mc Donalds, love langoustine at Beppi’s… And I am quite obsessive with my favourite foods too. So here is a list if you are visiting me on tour and want to surprise me with sustenance — it’s also a good form of aftercare to eat something when you’ve finished an intense session. I figured a post here is better than a tweet, as I can update it regularly.

Nenish tart
plain greek or raspberry yogurt squeezy
lentil soup
chocolate dipped strawberries
traditional Vietnamese pork roll (with chilli!)
cinnamon and raisin bagel with creme cheese
hummus and rice crackers and/ or carrot sticks
chicken salad
coffee! (Strong FW or 3/4 cap)
Turkish delight
cherry coke/ Dr Pepper
Greek salad with steamed rice
sparkling water
Emma & Toms green smoothie