THis festive season I will be enjoying very much my plethora of gifts that my devoted (some current and some past) clients have given me. However… I am a humbug at heart and am looking forward to spending some time in my dungeon taking advantage of your bodies, rather than out celebrating a religious holiday I don’t believe in. What I love about Australian Christamas/ holiday time is that it is summer. All year I feel a real pull towards this time of year and have come to realise that it is special because many of us have time off together. Its the only time of the year that the majority of people are alleviated from the 9-5 grind that is trying to survive in a big city like Sydney. I am always very busy at this time of year. THis is because the sun is out and that makes everyone horny!! The end of work is nigh, Xmas bonuses factor into that too perhaps, but I mostly think that people like to treat themselves after yet another year of work.

I am around and about and would love to session from December 27 – January 7th. I am then off on holiday until Tuesday the 18th. I am desperately trying to fit in a Brisbane tour before the end of January. I have had enough pre-bookings to make this viable however the border closures and required passes have me hesitant. It may be a one-night stay only, in which case I will have to prioritise multiple-hour sessions over single hours.

The rapid antigen testing has been taken up with gusto by my clients in all cities and I hope we can keep this up. I realise we are all going to get covid at some stage (yes, like the flu) but with the current protocols around isolating and quarantining no one has the time!

Thank you to all my clients for a wonderful year — I’m so thrilled to have my space back and functioning better than ever. The last time I had a sling room was 2017 and I’m enjoying the flurry of strap-on and fisting sessions that I have been getting since its return.

This January I am hoping to make some new BDSM clips — if you are a regular client of mine and you would like to star in these please let me know. Do not contact me unless I have seen you for more than 3 sessions. I am also offering free filming of your session in exchange for consent to publish the content on my manyvids profile.  You can be anonymous, yes.