Dear Mistress,

With regards to me abstaining Mistress, i still have not cum yet but i have made it more difficult for myself by sleeping in one of my leotards for the past two nights. The feel of lycra on my already sensitive cock has had me tenting and just wanting to release, but i am so close Mistress to Saturday i believe i can make it through. Although i did pre cum again last night but stopped before cumming. Mistress it would be great if i was able to cum for the first time with You watching, seeing as You were the one who imposed such a long and torturous ban. my slave cock is so hard now and i’m not over the line yet. While jerking off I am really starting to moan as i think about You tattooing  my exposed cock with Your wrestling boot, i just want to cum so bad  and pray that i stop in time, then some pre cum oozes out and i let go of my aching cock and continue to moan. As we near the weekend  Mistress the pressure is almost becoming too much and i’m starting to try and prepare myself as best i can for the cane strokes jut in case, and i am already trembling with fear and i sense Your excitement in anticipation of caning Your disobedient slave.  But i will not release until i have Your permission Mistress. i know it’s not my decision Mistress but i hope i am able to cum before my chastity fitting on Saturday. i’m certain Mistress these next two nights will be very restless indeed, but i will abstain to prove to You Mistress that i am Your obedient slave. Well i hope to anyway. x.