Dear Mistress Tahlia

It has now been 5 days since my detention and I wanted to thank you. Everything I imagined or hoped for in a detention was present. To be humiliated slapped on my face, pulled by the ear everything that a naughty little schoolboy should suffer  occurred without passion or kindness. Your strength and dominant nature was outstanding I felt totally underwhelmed and at your mercy. To sit at the desk with my palms open thinking about my poor behaviour and the consequences that were becoming real in a hurry. The line you asked me to write was creative and difficult and obviously something I could not achieve to meet your expectations.
The corner time was very innovative and caused great stress mentally and physically. To drop that coin and get 10 strokes of the cane certainly kept me focussed. Every mistake was further cane strokes.
Your reputation as a Disciplinarian is world renowned and you lived up to such a well deserved commendation. To be placed over your knee and receive a hand spanking and the ruler was exhilarating and mind blowing. But whatever thoughts I had about being placed over your knee were immediately dispelled with new amazement at my caning.
Your are a most highly skilled professional with the cane. You administered each cane stroke with precision and perfection. With each set of cane strokes the velocity increased yet I took each cane stroke with relative comfort. The look on my face at the damage you had done to my buttocks was shock. I could not believe the vivid strokes on my buttocks.
It was an absolute privilege and honour to be in your presence Mistress. This detention will live in my memory for a very long time. I look forward to being given the privilege of being in detention again with you soon Mistress.
Thank you for agreeing to seeing me and for a wonderful session Mistress.