Lots of smacked bottoms, and pegged arses. It’s so nice to be traveling freely again without the stress of covid! (as I’ve recently had it.) Four hours of corporal punishment kicked off the tour in Brisbane. My first session involved heavy hair brushing OTK, with a  leg lock. Such a brilliant submissive! He took it all with a smile on his face. We ended with 70 hard strokes of the cane. The cane feels best when it is given at full swing, and as dominant it’s very exciting and satisfying to know my bottom will take it. Day two involved verbal/ physical humiliation sessions — the bite is with my tongue and not my whip! An intricate fantasy role play about a male employee’s humiliation and objectification by the women he works for. Bit of electrical play to keep him on his toes but apart from that lots of arse kissing, degradation, and body shaming.

Next! A prolonged switch session of 3 hours, mutual spanking, foot worship, enemas, and pegging. I love erotic sessions as much as I love strict ones, and this one really ticked all the boxes. Shame the hotel room was too small for the water sports…. next time!

Early to bed, ready for day 3 which started with an erotic wrestle and muscle worship before getting onto a plane and flying to Canberra, straight into a submissive session with 24 of the cane for me. Next, a prolonged CP and anal fisting session that was as dreamy as it was intense. Note the apparatus in the picture got a long ride!

I’m home now to rest up this week working Thursday only, then I’m trying to hard to work out Melbourne dates for May. Stay tuned!