I have just been through the wringer with I think was the ‘super cold’ we were warned about 18 months ago. Presenting like a chest infection, I underwent a multitude of RAT & PCR covid tests before deciding it was something different. After spending 5 entire days in bed trying to convalesce and heal in time for my Melbourne tour, I decided it was untenable and, lucky for me, I was able to reschedule everything for a week later. I only lost one regular booking in the process, and have so far filled it with 2 others so it will still be a successful tour, albeit with a small loss due to changing flights. Health always comes first.

This was a significant tour as it is my last for 3 months as I head back into my final subject at university. I will be taking bookings in Sydney still until late November when I am heading to Perth for the first time since 2017! I have some spaces available for Saturday 3rd of December. Weekend sessions are always hard to fill so if you have booked in for a weekday and am available for that Saturday instead please let me know.

I am still available for fly-me-to-you sessions. I hope to tour Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane in December, then in 2023 I’m back to touring full time, which means 2 cities a month.

I have ordered some new equipment! I have two vintage tawses coming in the mail from the UK. For the cross-dressing inclined, some new thigh-high boots and fetish gear for all shapes and sizes.