To celebrate our opening I’m holding a mixed wrestling tournament at the Hurt Collective studio.What exactly is mixed wrestling I hear you say? Mixed wrestling is male v Female or mixed sex wrestling. (no, not SEX  people, I mean battle of the sexes!)  At HC we do lots of different styles of grappling but this tournament will be a submission wrestling one – that is using any means to wrestle your opponent to tapping out. My only rules are no choke holds, KO’s or smack talk. I hate smack talk!  I’d like to invite regular session wrestling clients to participate and there will be tickets for punters to come and watch. Syd, Bianca & I will be wrestling on the night and the very gorgeous Belle Star will be refereeing. The tournament will be  a round robin of 3 minute wrestles or to tap out with the winner being crowned “King or Queen of Hurt!” Sound like fun? If you’d like to participate and you haven’t yet wrestled one of us then you have a month to do so to qualify. If you would like to register to attend the even please email me and I will put you down on the list, current clients will be given priority, ticket info will be released in the next 2 weeks. Only 12 spectator tickets will be sold so email me quickly! Lets bring the house down! x

xmas party