So the new sydney wrestling studio is coming along swimmingly. I’ve got a few Mistress friends who offer erotic wrestling (some competitive wrestling) sessions to come on board so if you’d like to feel the wrath of multiple dominant women overpowering you then you have come to the right place! Another request I’ve been getting a lot of is for muscle worship. Perhaps you’d like to be allowed to honour those muscles that have just whipped your arse? Kiss those biceps that had you in that blood curling head lock? We now have our professional photographic studio set up also so filming or being photographed during your erotic wrestling session is possible.  I officially have 2 weeks of roller derby left before 8 weeks of dedicated freestyle wrestling training begins. I’m hoping to do at least 3 hours with my freestyle wrestling coach, an hour of no gi BJJ (which is completely new to me) as well as hit the weights 4 times a week. Hoping to hit the ground running in 2014! Here is a hot pic from the shoot we did last week. Bianca V Tahlia. Much more to come so watch this space!