The Hurt Collective is gone. I have sold the mats and sold the premises and moving on to other things. I wanted to take a minute to thank a few people. Firstly all the girls who worked there over the years. Goddess Xena, Becky Lee, Mistress Georgette, Mistress Charlotte, Ms Diana Mite, Killpussy!, Mistress Dita, Mistress Belle Star, Minx Madam, Ashley.

Some fun times were had, we had over 12 parties in 4 years and no one ever broke anything! We had many international touring session wrestlers come and stay and bust your arses between their rippling thighs.

Personally, it was the gossiping and smack talking that saw me lose the passion I once had for wrestling. The desire to step on the mat with a 100kg man telling me he was going to kick me arse can only last so long and my hat goes off to those amazing Women who have made a career out of taking these guys on. I think i would have wrestled 100 men competitively in my life. Some tours I would wrestle 4 in a day and wonder why I was in constant pain! I don’t know what my stats were because I’m not that kind of girl. I think maybe 3 guys in my career really kicked my arse and all of them were at least 20+ kgs heavier than me. The endless texts and phone calls from wankers wanting to talk about their fantasy constantly with no intention of ever booking a session. Wrestling attracts a more eccentric type of client I think. There is no Domme/ sub or role play of any sort its just 2 people on the mats fighting for their lives. Some are able to leave their egos at home and enjoy while others just get fired up and can’t bear the thought of losing to a woman.

Anyway. Vale Hurt Collective. The girls who are still session wrestling you can find on A big thank you to Bill for his endless work in helping us all tour and support our little kink and a huge thank you to my ever devoted slave Mr Leotard who mopped those mats tirelessly and with love and devotion. We shall continue to scramble however it will be on a different set of mats.