I have never been particularly drawn to the dungeon environment and find the use of domestic furniture to add significantly to my fantasy of you truly being my domestic slave. Chastity is arousing for me. To think about you being controlled 24/7 in an environment that isn’t a kinky one with a constant niggling pain that tortures one through the very fact of it being there, albeit a long distance away from its owner is sexy. As a kinky teen I would insert things inside myself and walk around the city. This has always stuck with me: the juxtaposition of kink and real life working hand in hand. When you think about it the greatest desires you can generate are for things that penetrate your mind through the real world where the possibilities are endless. For example: The university lecturer who had the glasses that slipped down her nose constantly, repeatedly tucking the curl of hair that would slip out behind her ear. Demanding the attention of the lecture theatre. Pencil skirt and buttoned up blouse. Now she is a true dominant feature of day-to-day life. Real power. Not the fantasy type that we try and replicate. Where there is power there is obedience and that is what is so DAMN sexy about domestic BDSM. You never know what you are going to get. You expect nothing and so the littlest reward becomes bigger than any orgasm imaginable. A slight brush of your Goddess’ hand is as exciting as a hand job from a lover. More than that! as its limits are boundless. When you start with incremental rewards like this then the slower you go the more intense the passion and desire.

THis mania cannot be replicated in a one hour session although control can start with orgasm denial and tease. THis was always my most hated session at Salon Kittys when I was an apprentice as took the most skill. To be able to fill in 30 mins or an hour with nothing but tease and denial requires an innate understanding of how a mans mind thinks. sexuality is subtle. Its not topless with thigh-high boots and crotchless knickers. Its the glance of the long line of your Mistresses leg stolen through the crack of your blindfold. The split in her pencil skirt meeting at the intersection of her cuban heeled stocking, disappearing into the dark recess of your mind. A nirvana you may never know. Unless of course you seduce her back with your obedience, servitude and commitment to her. Body worship comes to those who arouse their Dominant and prove they are worthy of keeping.

Let me tell you this is a life long arrangement you are entering in if you want to experience this type of true submission and the life is not an easy one. My domestic slave has a mantra “This is the life I chose.” He uses this mantra when he is cleaning my house every week. He uses this mantra when he is getting his cock sucked in a forced bi session. He uses this mantra when I force him through the McDonalds drive through in full harness to request a Happy Meal. He uses this mantra when he spends 10 hours moving house for me in the pouring rain. He has never seen me naked. He has never kissed my body intimately — only the feet, hands, cheek and occasionally my sweaty crotch when I have his face pinned under it. Can you imagine turning your life around and finding joy and pleasure in all those things you’ve despised? There is a curiosity in BDSM that extends past what most humans conceive to be sexuality. You can live your life trying to have the best orgasm or you can attempt to try and have the best and most arousing life that doesn’t surround your most average form of release.