‘I’m here for the casting call, however I think I may be in the wrong place?’

2.30 pm on the 19th of June, you knock on the door of number 26 Evelyn Place. It’s very quiet — nothing like the previous casting calls you’ve attended. You feel confident thought having been headhunted from Martin Place by a professional-looking man in a pin-striped suit who passed on this card. In your hand, you feel your portfolio slipping from sweaty palms and you consider aborting this mission. It’s been years since your last gig though, and your confidence is high — you had thought your acting days were over until today. You crane your neck one last time and detect what you assume to be the rhythmic sounds of high-heeled shoes on a hardwood floor. The echo further unsettles you. Where is everyone else? This doesn’t look like a business. You dig in, wipe your palms on your carefully selected blue jeans and take a deep breath. 

In this casting call fantasy, you are an actor desperate to make it in the industry. You do not realise, however, that I have had my minions out in the streets looking for potential new submissive that I can use to satisfy my sadistic sexual urges. The door upon which you knock is actually the door to my office — a facade that hides below it a sex dungeon in which I keep men to use for my sexual satisfaction. After a brief interview where you consent to my atypical style of ‘method acting’, you are slowly seduced — lured into a false sense of security where you open up to me. I flirt with you, and you are taken by the warmth in my voice, my long legs and low slung blouse. 

Choose your own adventure!

  1. I tell you you are in no way good enough for this role. You beg me to give you another chance and your vulnerability arouses me. I tell you that I have some unusual needs that must be met and you steadfastly agree to do whatever it takes. You do not realise there is no ‘part’, it’s just you being taken advantage of by me. I am thriving off your desperation. I blindfold you and lead you downstairs to my dungeon where I fasten you to the sling, all the time playing with your cock so you are somewhat sedated into submission. When finally I take off the blindfold I stand before you in thigh-high boots, and corset with a dildo strapped on my front.
  2. You are suspicious about the legitimacy of my production company and after a brief interview, you ask to leave. I tell you that’s not possible. As you make for the door you are physically overpowered by me; stripped of all your clothes and bound tightly with rope. Your body is inspected to see what element of it I can use for my pleasure. You try to call for help and so I first smother your mouth and nose with my hands, and then you watch as I remove my satin panties and stuff them in your mouth fastening them there with gaffa tape. It is my intention to punish, torture, and humiliate you to my satisfaction. Every orifice; every inch of flesh will be exploited and I plan to keep you there until I get off.

 3. After being made to role-play a husband who is subservient to his wife you are told you did not get the part. Detecting the disappointment in your voice, I ask you if you have ever considered doing soft pornography — the likes of which you might see in classy arthouse movies. I proceed to show you a bunch of pornography and notice that you are very aroused. Our eyes meet and I feel you are drawn to me — I consciously undo another button on my blouse and toss my hair playfully. I ask if you’d like to see the studio where we make our films. I tell you that we have an opening for a Betty Page documentary coming out however it requires an actor who can take a decent spanking. You agree to this and whilst over my knee, I feel your hard cock rubbing between the tops of my thighs. I know you will give me what I want.