Welcome to the last month of the decade! And what a year its been. I have had my own incall since January and whilst its been great having my own gear (especially the wrestling mats which are the best in town!), I just don’t utilise it enough to make it worthwhile so I am moving out on January 6th. I will continue working in Sydney after that for appointment bookings only (as usual!) renting various venues depending on requirement — all inner west or cbd.

London trip

I just returned from London where I won The Night of the Cane. It’s a caning competition which has been going for over 100 years. I was lucky enough to have a heavy CP slave in London at the time who volunteered his bottom to the wrath of my best 6…. cold even! After receiving our trophy the crowd cheered for an encore performance so I instructed him to pull down his trousers and present his already striped bottom for 6 more. 4 strokes in and he was bleeding (which is against the rules for public display at this event) and so he got off the last 2 strokes. I gave him a gentle rub once his trousers were back on and moseyed on over to continue caning bottoms all night. It was a grand affair and I thoroughly enjoyed myself — I’ll be returning next year if possible.

If you are in London then I highly recommend planning for it. Its been November 10 the last 2 years.

So today is December 5th and I have exactly one month before I’m surrendering my incall. It’s also the only 4 weeks in the entire year that I am available daily for sessions. I’m going to Bali for a weeks holiday from January 9th, then returning home to do summer school, then full-time university until November 2020. My uni holidays I spend in Europe which doesn’t leave a lot of time to run a business! But I do enjoy caning bottoms nonetheless so please contact me for a thrashing today!

Other sessions I am enjoying at the moment are multiple GS, erotic wrestling, pegging, facesitting and CBT. Beatdown and ballbusting please check out the clip I made for Strong Girls Rule in the UK recently!

buy it here!

I have been working with Mistress Serena and Cleo Beltane for double beatdown/ ballbusting sessions so perhaps its time to buy yourself the Xmas present you always dreamed of??