I have been very slack over the last 3 years with maintaining this website. Partially because twitter is so easy to update and is more communicative in function making it quick and fun! Also to be a pro-domme in Sydney requires a lot of SEO, advertising and marketing to meet new clients. I have a solid base of clients who see me intermittently throughout the year which is plenty for me when I’m studying full time and travelling the rest. I now have 6 weeks off university and have organised to do a huge photoshoot. I think people need to see content, and a little story more than they used to. Being a pretty face in latex isn’t enough to make you stand out.

I have also changed over the years. I don’t wear latex anymore. I send all my latex loving clients to my friend and colleague Mistress Serena who is obsessed and truly lives the lifestyle! She is wicked and sexy and would rather be in latex then out of it. Her collection is far superior to anyone else I know.

Yesterday I did a double with Mistress Esther who is a young but experienced, and gorgeous Mistress/ switch from Melbourne. Working with her reminded me about the plethora of things I used to do when I worked at Salon Kitty’s.  Obviously we have all gone our separate ways and diversified into niche activities that spoke to us, and have been cultivating those client relationships ever since.

It just so happened that when Salon Kittys closed down I was competing at a national level in roller derby and had taken a few wrestling lessons at my local wrestling club. This was 2012 and would turn into an obsession for a number of years, eventually leaving Roller Derby to pursue a career in freestyle wrestling. Many don’t know this but after 13 years of service we were given ten days notice of its closure with no other establishment (apart from the Kastle) and no time to contact our clients of whom we weren’t allowed to share phone numbers with.  We knew Temple 22 was in the making however it was a long way off and I think too 2 years to open its doors after Salon Kitty closed.

In those 2 years, many of us started from scratch. Finding a workspace was the first task, then tackling the advertising platforms, getting a website built and working on SEO to make it even visible. It was a long slow road. Finding our regular clients wasn’t easy and I’m still finding them today! House clients aren’t always comfortable visiting private Mistresses as it requires a level of communication, screening and anxiety at turning up to random suburban addresses and hoping to knock on the right door.

I was very lucky to be permitted to hire Mistress Servalans amazing dungeon in those early days and I thank her deeply for picking me up at that time. She let me know about Backpage and gave me a few pointers that helped me get my feet independently. Since then I’ve had my own playspace twice — first in St Peters.

The St Peters space was an empty warehouse shell that resembled a storage unit. It took a lot of engineering to make it firstly useful, and secondly soundproof! I had neighbour problems from early on and the 4 years I worked from there were fruitful but stressful. I’ve never been a Mistress into heavy BDSM style sessions so I opted for a domestic setting making it a mid-century style office, where you could come speak to the shrink and she would inevitably prescribe you a bottom spanking or worse! Due to the lack of structures, I mainly focused on wrestling sessions, both erotic and competitive as I was still competing then. The wrestling sessions were easy to explain to the neighbors when strange strangling and orgasmic noises were being emanated!! I called my wrestling club The Hurt Collective and had muscle girls and wrestlers of all kinds hiring the space for bookings. Upstairs was a bedroom and cross-dressing wardrobe. So I spent those years focusing on wrestling, cross-dressing and strap on play. You just have to run with what you’ve got! I had lots of cross-dressing regulars however my two favourites were Joanna and Danielle, both of whom I photographed many times and can be seen if you scroll down through my older posts. I love those long, and intimate sessions that often entailed an outing to have our nails done, or a lunch date.

I eventually had to sell my crossdressing wardrobe in 2018 when I gave up the space to go and study full time at university. I spent 2018 touring only to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobert and Perth. Touring sessions I always do out of a hotel room. This suits me as I am more of a domestic style Dominatrix than a dungeon style, so for fantasy role play and switch sessions this works well.

At the end of 2018 I was approached about taking on a space (my current space). I wasn’t looking for an incall but it was favourable conditions and I was keen to get my BDSM gear out of storage so I took it on. My mats fit in there perfectly along with a double bed, sling, whipping stool and my brand new cage which I purchased off Mistress V before she moved back to the UK. My first 6 weeks in the space I was flat out! Had more bookings thank I could handle and it was great, however when university started again and I didn’t have any time to invest in emails, twitter, etc, not to mention a spare hour to even consider a booking, it wasn’t being used. My university holidays I spend in Europe which doesn’t leave much time for investing in my work. So I decided to hand the keys back in January 2020 making it one year of tenancy.

The last space I found to be a little too ‘dungeony’ for my taste. It was dark and cold and whilst it was certainly soundproof, I have realised that I like a domestic setting much better. I do a lot of submissive and switch work these days and I realise the importance of being completely at ease when you are being subservient (particularly when you are being punished!), and so I’m going to return to hiring more suitable spaces based on the client’s session requirements. The mats will have to go though! Which is ok for me as I’m phasing out competitive wrestling as a niche of mine. I’m happy with the regulars I already have who are of a known quantity. I’ve just started doing pilates so getting back in shape but don’t have the time to maintain the physique required to present as a ‘muscle’ girl or competitive wrestler. My skills in taking someone down for a kidnap or situational bondage session are second to none though!

So in 2020 I will have a new, simplified website; new photos that reveal my natural salt and pepper hair colour, and hopefully more time to concentrate on university. I still have 2.5 years to go and may stay forever as I love it. I think I worked it well – managed a career whilst young and now enjoying the spoils of that hard work by investing in my education. A lot of useless information I have stored in the secret compartments of my brain are coming to real use! Sociology, philosophy, creative writing… very indulgent but I am thoroughly enjoying myself and thank you to all my client who have facilitated this life for me.

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