What can I say, my Max Fisch article is getting a lot of reads and in turn I am getting a lot of FTT bookings! Old house regulars to Salon Kittys who are missing the multiple Mistress toilet training sessions have found me again and using my useful resource of friends and old colleagues to live out their golden shower fantasies. And the beauty is that I don’t have to clean up! I love that part. Last week The Hurt Collective did a photo shoot with my session wrestling friends Syd and Bianca and I’m thinking about doing a xmas party tournament style event. If you are interested in joining in email me and I’ll put you on the mailing list for updates. m@mistresstahlia.com.au. In submission wrestling news I’ve been doing really well. The only person to seriously kick my butt is Syd and I’m glad he’s now on my side! The Hurt Collective website is currently being built but I hope it can be a go-to place for mixed and session wrestling sessions in Sydney from here on out.