I have been specialing in full toilet training for the last 6 or so years. This came about when I was working at Salon Kittys, Sydneys premiere BDSM house until 2013,  and had my first arousing experience in the brass dungeon sitting on a guy’s face. He eventually went on to consume my brown shower and while cleaning me up I came. It was the most exhilarating experience of Dominating someone to date. He was much more confident and experienced than me and I appreciate what he contributed to my growth as a Dominant through his confidence and pushing my boundaries.

These days I rarely orgasm in FTT however the rush of having someone submit to me so fully is still giddying.

Today in Melbourne I had a client request FTT for the first time wanting to consume. I had done my usual verbal prep ascertaining whether the goal was orgasm or to be forced to consume. In beginners the goal is always to orgasm and this can lead to very quick session times. I warn the clients that this might happen as nature comes when nature does and if the new toilet in training is aroused its a knife edge between having a raging orgasm and being wet on the floor with shit in your mouth.

Today I had one of those failures – and about 20% of FTT sessions fail. I”m starting to suggest a tiered training program of which I’ve listed below which starts with fantasy and builds to full consumption.

1) FTT fantasy.
This fantasy consists of full toilet fantasy role play – learning how to set up to be my urinal/ toilet, how to flush & wipe the golden shower and leading to anal cleaning with the threat of brown shower (only fantasy). In this scenario which can happen any time of day (FTT needs to be before midday to be natural), I might treat the slave in training to a dirty finger for them to sample.

2) Erotic Scat intro — Progress includes the FTT fantasy plus the dirty finger again. This time the human toilet is forced to watch the BS being taken on the toilet and their tongue is used for toilet paper.

3) FTT training
This scenario incorporates the usual amount of golden showers (continual until I am empty) and an actual brown shower placed on the chest. The slave is then invited to use his tongue as toilet paper.

4) FTT
This scenario builds on stage 2 by including forced consumption. This is done by me feeding the brown in small parts directly to your mouth. The usual consent boundaries of “cum or mercy” always in effect.

5) FTT forced consumption
This scenario is a progression from stage 2 where the brown shower is taken directly into the mouth. You are encouraged/ forced to chew and swallow as per my verbal instructions. At this heavy end of play a threat to eat it again if you vomit is given.

For serious players, the out-of-body experience comes from being force-fed the shit until it is all gone. I believe full sub space ensues with a surreal floating type of ecstasy that sees my clients return always wanting to eat more next time.

FTT is not for the faint-hearted. Please don’t feel bad if the session fails as it is one of the most extreme, non-pain, out of body experiences one can hold themselves up for. You have a friend in me.

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Update 2022: I now charge a flat rate of $500/ hour for Sydney bookings and $600/ hour for tour bookings. Part of the difficulty in these sessions is obviously being able to shit on command. Whilst my strike rate is about 95%, I will no longer sit around with a stomach ache trying to hold on for a client. The flat rate means that if I