When I am asked this question I often reply “competitive wrestling, full toilet training, strap on sessions, corporal punishment (with heavy being my ultimate favorite!) and role play sessions. Here is a list of my top 5 favourite sessions of all time.

1) Age play where I am person of seniority (Teacher, mother, babysitter, evil sister, etc) who catches you – the bottom- in an act of self pleasure. This can take place in my bedroom where I fall upon you in my panty draw or in teh bathroom where I watch you from the corner of my eye in the mirror: interrupting only to tell you not to be ashamed, that self pleasure is a part of growing up and I can show you other pleasures. These pleasures can extend from me stroking you to me tying you up and torturing you all the time ensuring your dick is hard so you allow me to continue to devour you. Perhaps extending to jerking you off forcibly, or taking full advantage of you and your virginity.  ($400 – 500)

2) Full Toilet Training (FTT). IF you google Mistress Tahlia FTT a few reviews come up. Those who have the balls to pursue what I consider to be the ultimate in submission often experience out of body delights at giving it all up and swallowing it all in. What could be more humilation that having a Dominatrix squat over your face, inches from your mouth, ordering you to have your tongue ready to consume as a toilet would? Being told to flush with every mouth load of golden nectar and commanded to “Wipe” using only your tongue. ($500)

3) Cross dressing lesbian fantasy role play. 3 hours of intense transformation from makeup, hair, clothing, lingerie and heels to full body shaving and spray tan. this 3 hour package culminating in a session where the newly formed female (be it lady, sissy slut, slut or lesbian lover) is made to please Mistress. THis can be forced feminisation through the emasculation of the ugly male body, fantasy castration and rebirth often including baptism in Mistresses golden nectar. This scenario also includes a photoshoot with 3 images photoshopped for you to keep. ($800)

4) Corporal punishment. I like to spank an arse over my knee until my hand can take no more. If i am in a particularly sinister mood my long handled hair brush comes out for a moderate but continual pounding, tenderising the flesh until I think its ready for my cane. I am seriously aroused by the cane. The longer and thicker the better.  When I was last in Perth I got to punish so many submissive bottoms it really was a life highlight. I broke my cane thats how hard I hit! THen I had to file it down with nail clippers and a nail file as I needed it continually and could not session without one! I thrashed a young client for 15 minutes continually with the hairbrush. He wanted to cry and I promised that I would make him cry. I put him over my knee but he wriggled around so much it took away some of the enjoyment for me. ($250/ hour)

5) Ballbusting. As a long term lover of inflicting pain ballbusting provides a great opportunity for me to thrash away the days worries. I’ve busted balls until my feet are bleeding before. When I was an apprentice a senior mistress came into my session and kicked a slave who was tied up by the wrists. She busted his balls with her steel cap boots until he passed out. When the client came to he asked to see her instead!! That was a story that will live on. ($400/ hr)

6) Sissy training/ adult baby. I love infantalism. I can understand the escapism  in this role play. Adult breast feeding is a real turn on for me – its one of the most bent things I can think of coupled with the fact that my nipples are very sensitive

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