Hello. Its been a long and hard year and a long time in between me offering sessions. I have one week only – August 19 – 28 where I would like to offer corporal punishment sessions to new clients. My fee is $350/ hour for strict CP or $650/ hour for switch CP where you also get to punish me! I have another 2 years at university then I will return to the domestic discipline industry — for those of you don’t know I am the holder of the 2019 trophy for NIght Of The Cane which is a caning competition in the UK. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions, I won’t be able to return to defend my title. Caning, spanking and domestic discipline sessions are my forte. I am not big into wearing Mistress type fetish clothing however I am very excited by pencil skirts, Cuban heeled stockings and stilettoes.

If you can take a serious thrashing – and I mean 100+ strokes of the cane full force and no mercy, and you don’t mind being on camera then I am looking for you! My manyvids site needs balancing and so I am offering this free of charge to you for 45 minutes of your time.

I am available by email only m@mistresstahlia.com.au. Please put “volunteer thrashing” in the subject and send a 200-word introductory email with your experience and if you are happy to show your face.