Hello friends and colleagues, I am just returned from a life changing trip to the UK where I have decided 2019 will be the year that I focus on the sessions I enjoy the most – that is domestic CP. I am setting up  a new space January 14th in the inner west which I will be trialling for 3 – 6 months – my wrestling mats will fit in there perfectly and when not needed will be stored in the corner, with the room set up for domestic as well as BDSM discipline/ corporal punishment.

I just had the most amazing experience in London! I went to the Night of the cane and experienced a world where everyone was into discipline. I caned a lot of bottoms and met a lot of school boys thats for sure! So my vision is to offer a space where I assist Masters in learning the art of punishment and impact play and the difference between erotic and strict canings. I have been very inspired by my two trips to see Strictly Miss Brown (me being the submissive) who tells me the CP scene is thriving over there, with a lot of women clients coming out of the wood work.  As I have limited time to attend to my business once university starts on February 18th I will be working only Tuesday and Thursday.

Understanding the need for “maintenance” spankings, I’m hoping to offer monthly packages that include heavy spanking and leather punishments in order to sustain lengthy and heavier corporal punishment sessions.

If you would like to watch a female submissive being caned by a dominant woman, or by a Master then that will be on offer and a great way to learn how to be dominant yourself. With my extensive cross dressing wardrobe I hope to offer clients the opportunity to role play a Dominant woman or female submissive be it school girl, employee or girlfriend who enjoys the cane.

I will still be touring Australia with my giant bag of tricks and offering all the sessions I did before, however my incall focus will be domestic based.

Why the change? Because I despise fetish wear! I hope to see the amount of people interested in CP escalate and have noticed that whent here is a healthy scene surrounding a kink it flourishes and encourages a new generation. With schools banning CP for a few generations now I’m also worried it will die out. Another reason is personal – I have downsized my living arrangements and no longer need to try and cater to everyone to make a good living. It would be my absolute dream to live in the UK eventually where the scene is thriving and will be forever more.

So Mid February I will post some pics of my new space which is 15 minute drive from the Sydney CBD, has street parking and bus access.  Please email me to be put on the new mailing list.