Greetings followers. I’m about to embark on a tour to Brisbane – I have gained a lot of corporal punishment slaves over the Xmas period including one lovely gent with whom I get to wrestle first (fantasy wrestling), overpower and then subject to 24 of my heaviest cold cane strokes. I’ve broken a few canes lately and so just purchased two dragon canes from Quality Control in the UK. I travel to the UK a few times a year however haven’t been able to find anything decent in London city. My wonderful friend Electra Amore lived in the UK for years and recommended QC. I was introduced to the Dragon Cane by Mistress Servalan however I was on the receiving end! Dragon is life changing and I’m so excited for my delivery to come.

In lieu of this I am offering new clients strict corporal punishment sessions for $300/ hour. If you are under 30 years of age then I will do it for $250 as I am concerned it is a dying art and that would be a shame for all of us.

I have a month before I start university full time so please come see me before then and help contribute to my education.

Tahlia x