Hi all! Seeing as us Dominas and session wrestlers in Sydney are such a niche market its upsetting when clients don’t show up or cancel via email at the last hour. I thought I’d blog about the correct way to go about a cancellation. And we are not scary monsters! You don’t need to use your parents dying as an excuse to get out of a bondage or strap on session. I understand that often spoiling yourself with a trip to your local Dominatrix is a want and not a need. Hence we get a lot of cancellations. The problem with working privately is that we have to rent out dungeon/ studio space and that means that other people can’t access it at this time making it a double pain in the arse.  Session wrestlers are few and far between in Sydney so you don’t want to make bad on your own doorstep. Here’s some tips for keeping your Mistress happy and you off the naughty list.

1) Once I’ve taken your booking I will always give you my phone number. Up until the night before the session its fine to contact me via email and cancel or postpone for a future date.

2) If you have a history of cancelling then I will ask you for a deposit. You are welcome to decline to pay this deposit however if you don’t show I won’t be considering you in the future. If you are after Bianca for wrestling then you must pay a deposit every time as she comes in especially.

3)If you need to cancel the morning of a booking then please text message or phone me. Its not ideal at this point for me but as I mentioned I understand BDSM is not the most important thing in most of our lives. Unfortunately đŸ˜‰

4) If you’ve decided not to pay a deposit and then you cancel on the day you are welcome to still pay the $50 to get you taken off the naughty list. The naughty list is a list of potential time wasters who are not allowed to book a session without a deposit. I will eventually have my merchant services up so you can pay over the phone with credit card or paypal 24 hours before.

Most of you are fabulous, respectful and reliable. I’ve had a lovely time running my own studio for the last couple of months so this message is for the few and I’m very lucky they are only a few.