The Eclipse of the Slave

Her shadow falls across me, eclipsing my psyche
She plays with my spirit with each burning strike
The sting of Her whip and the sound of Her crop
Entreat me to fail Her, to beg Her to stop

But I know with the pain comes a wicked reward
A crumb of approval attached to Her sword
For She is the Mistress commanding my fear
My times in Her presence are moments so dear

This leather clad Priestess, Her aim is to shock
This pitiful minion, one of Her flock
She’ll debauch my body, strangle my will
Til my thoughts are for Her, and my struggle lies still

Daughter of Hades, Sensuality’s Queen
She grants me catharsis when surrender is seen
And so with a rush She ends the eclipse,
I give Her my pleasure, the joy in my hips

As the earth owns the moon with gravity’s force
She entices me back as a matter of course
When flooded by longing and drowned in desire
I’ll lie at Her feet and bathe in Her fire.

The author of this poem shall remain anonymous for he went on to blackmail me and other colleagues of mine when I was working at salon kitty’s. He gifted me a bottle of 1991 Grange which I still have today. I think he suffered from mental illness in the end, and we were betrayed by a fellow colleague who, during her lunch dates with him, shared many of our personal stories which he used to anonymously contact me and terrorise me. Thankfully this is the only bad interaction that I have had over the years and his identity was quickly found out. Mistress Amanda who was the head Mistress at Salon Kitty’s chose to reprimand him only and allow him to return to take sessions if he paid her for counselling.

And so the capitalist world works.

Sometimes being an independent Mistress and therefore 100% responsible for my own actions and decisions appears the safer bet. Although I spent 13 happy years working at Salon Kittys, I would certainly never work for a house again.