I’ll be honest, it is very annoying when clients email me their fantasy with no intention to make a booking. This is Ron’s fantasy. Ron, like myself, is into interrogation corporal punishment scenes. It’s pretty good if you ask me! Now, who is going to make it a reality?

Hi Ma’am,

I can’t stop looking at you flexing your cane.

I fear 100 strokes but would love to be forced to suffer every single stroke across my bare trembling backside for your amusement.

I’d cry, scream and try and tell you anything for it to stop. I’m a pathetic whimp. I need to learn to respect women and to learn how it feels for a woman’s cruelty to mould me into a plaything for her amusement.

A very cruel confession session where I have to confess my sins whilst not being allowed to cry out or beg would be wonderfully perverse.

“ tell me the truth or I’ll beat the truth out of you’!
Tell me everything boy or I will really hurt you!

Maybe I haven’t been honest enough so you order me to count to 20.
I scream as it becomes unbearable, Oh my god no, please I’ll confess everything.

Then you see the tears.

Why are you crying? Did I say you could cry?
Forget the last 15 strokes boy I’m repeating them until you do as you are told.

I promise you I’ll keep repeating the 20 strokes until you learn to be obedient.

I’d love you to break me so I’m trembling at your feet and broken.

Then have you look in my eyes and say,  I’m not giving you mercy, you deserve this!

Now ask me to make you suffer!

I’d like to be tied flat and ordered not to flinch while you cane my backside so brutally that I can’t sit for a week.