Welcome to my new website. I think times have changed and there is less interest in glamour photography and more interest in “selfies,’ which actually show both the genuine look and the personality of the service provider. I have always hated make-up, and a few years into my Domme career I actually stopped wearing it. Fetish clothing was fun where there were extravagant and debaucherous parties to attend on the weekend, however, getting into a cold latex catsuit in the dead of winter for a session doesn’t have the same fetish appeal. I am currently 42 years old and I am a natural Mistress. I don’t manicure my body to the nth degree, I am not concerned about wrinkles and aging – we are all aging together and I think my clients appreciate that. This website is all up-to-date photos of myself, with makeup I have done myself and shot on a selfie stick. New clients often comment that I am much more beautiful in real life which I think is preferred to counter position that comes with photo-shopped, highly airbrushed, and overly made-up photography. What does come with age is experience and devotion and perfection of craft.

I have changed my direction many times in my career –usually to accommodate the most requested fantasy. However, now as I am more mature and know exactly what I desire I have decided to focus on corporal punishment and so my new website is a testament to that. I have my old studio back in the Inner West which I have set up in the mid-century style as a therapist’s office. It does however have a few spanking benches that may raise an eyebrow for the more vanilla thrill seeker. I have had on in particular made to specs — it is a picnic table style which allows the legs to be bound either together or separated — it is also great for strap-on sessions and long-term bondage. I have at the cabinetmaker a confessional booth which will be ready by June 2021. Be prepared for asceticism, abstinence and self-flagellation fantasies! Currently, I am only working evenings from 6pm with notice or Sundays. I also have a Brisbane tour coming up which will be my first since I think 2019. Dates are May 26 – 28th and bookings are essential.