Its now June 2021 and as I am back on Scarlet Blue for the time being my review section needs updating. I have completed two tours this pandemic year (significant considering!) and would love to receive some feedback. If you feel confident doing so please head to by SB page and down the bottom submit a review – it can be anonymous.

My review? I have had a wonderful time in Brisbane last week. Aside from seeing a few very cherished regulars I had the opportunity to punish some new corporal punishment bottoms. In Melbourne I was introduced to a gent with a strap fetish. This allowed me to bring multiple of the same implement. Knowing that the strap is lighter than the cane, I had extreme fun swinging it with all my might and repeatedly; in a manner much more ferocious than usual. This has inspired me to go even harder on my experienced subs and I got to do this full force for two hours in Brisbane. As a switch I know the hypnotic rhythm of the cane or strap can be ecstatic and as a top it sends me into a similar space.

I’m so inspired by my tours this year that I am cutting back on university and looking to tour some new capital cities. If you are a CP fetishist and just long to be punished then email me with your location and I’ll put it on my list.