Hi All, its been a killer of a week! Yesterday I wrestled 2 very large men, one double my weight, back to back in 35 degrees… My studio is great however not insulated so I’m feeling it today. I’m also still waiting on my credit card facilities, it may be another 2 weeks yet, and I’ve got a water cooler on the way so until then best BYO drinks. I’ve got 3 weeks until my roller derby season is over and I can start focussing on my wrestling training. I”m hoping to do some no GI BJJ sessions over summer to scrub up on my submission skills. In unrelated news I am happy to announce that I got invited to try out for the Australian roller derby team! So it looks like I”ll be in form all off season guys so no rest for me! Its seems my favourable FTT (full toilet training) review on Max Fisch has been getting a lot of attention as I’ve had a flurry of brown and golden shower sessions lately. I’ve got a great knowledge of all the local Sydney Mistresses who offer this service and have lots of request for multiple brown showers which I’ve been lucky enough to be able to accommodate! So see there is no shame in asking for what you want as you may just get it!