That bird app is a necessary pain. Its so great because I get to chat with you all directly, and see what my peers are doing and keep up with current affairs. However, for years I have been moderately shadowbanned. It didn’t bother me too much as I have a niche market and assumed low follower count because of the caning clips I post. I recently looked into this and found a number of things I was doing, such as hashtagging, were contributing to my search suggestion ban. I’ve stopped hashtagging, and deleted all connections to my manyvids subscription page and the search suggestion ban has been lifted. I’ve gained so many followers I feel popular for once!! Anyway, it sucks that I can’t promote my clip store on there anymore so I’m going to promote it here. It’s a menial fee and is mainly for potential clients to see some of my work through the clip previews. Honestly, it is such a rort. They take 40% of your clip fees! And most clips are under $10. Long story short – please subscribe! Its $12/ month and you have access to all the backdated content.