The last of the construction to be done is the finishing of the cross dressing wardrobe upstairs. Whilst in America I bought a number of outfits for the more rubenesque, shall we say, ladies amongst us.  I now have cocktail dresses up to a size 22 and a few pairs of stiletto boots and heels suitable for styles from the elegant and poised to the dirtiest of little sluts. Cross dressing has always been a passion of mine as I love role play, and nothing sets the scene like a full transformation. It also puts my skills as a makeup artist to the test! I left school and did a course at June Dally Watkins. It was deportment and grooming and we spend 2 full days on make up application and styling. I have a massage table great for shaving and waxing (and the odd “getting taken advantage of by the masseur” fantasy role play!), a full makeup set with Chanel cosmetics, stick on nails for those who like to play close attention to detail and 3 full length wigs, all brand new and glamourous as they come. For those ladies with a light – medium build I have lycra and PVC fetish wear available, some corsets to help with the hourglass figure (and the restriction!) and the sexiest of lingerie from Victorias Secret and Pleasure State. Fantasy wrestlers are not left out either with a collection of mens and women’s wrestling singlets, lycra tights, one piece leotards, bikinis and lingerie to choose from. Once my lovely foot slave has finished the new custom wardrobe I will be open for business!