So its been a busy few weeks and I have to admit that 80% of the work I’ve been doing has been wrestling.

I had a visitor from out of town that I knew from SK’s and we had 2 lovely and incredibly bent fantasy role play sessions based around full toilet training and humiliation.

The first of the fantasy role play sessions centred around me being a school girl who had caught him masturbating in the girls change room. Me being the naturally dominant little brat I am made him beg within an inch of his life to keep his dirty secret.

Inevitably I forced him to all sorts of inhumane acts like drinking my golden shower, being my toilet, forced to lick my bare feet and smothered with my armpits… to name a few! I drank so much water I could have stayed the night with him in his hotel and satisfied us both till dawn!

In the second fantasy role play session I was his work colleague and Mistress and my husband had just discovered we had been having an affair. He was bailed up in a hotel scared for his life and I found him, ready to use him one last time before saying goodbye forever.

fantasy role play sessions

I love the psychological role plays like this one, his desperation, my need to exert my anger and sexual frustration on someone. His grovelling exciting me always, leading up to the grand finale of the brown shower as a parting gift. Full toilet training seems to be the most intense psychological journey one could take on. Its the idea that starts small and manifests itself eventually growing until the owner get the guts/ is overwhelmed by its presence and makes it a reality.

I love those boundaries. I’m not a Mistress who likes pushing pain limits, I love CP but my personal desire is for these psychological experiences, challenging what we know about sex, sexuality and power. The power of complete release exploration and freedom to expand our reality as individuals in a society built on repression of just that. This weekend lets toast the Queen and her dynasty for giving us such a history to rebel against.