I just a most fun wrestling session with my great friend Mistress Serena. It was a lycra/ sports/ activewear fetish session where we put the gentleman (jobber is the industry name for the wrestling bottom role!), in various different WWE style submission holds. Over a 90 minute period, he was stretched every which way! It was Mistress Serena’s first time doing this type of wrestling and she learned the armbar, short arm scissors, Kimora, americano, reverse grapevine, grapevine, calf lock, calf cutter (ouch!) and of course the old-time favourite that all session wrestlers must know… the figure 4 leg lock!

I have been getting really fit over the summer. Lots of pilates, trapeze, dog walking, swimming at the beach and plenty of semi-comp wrestling sessions. I was very proud of myself to pull off a maneuver called the “cone of silence.” This move requires me to scissor the gentleman’s head (figure 4 actually) whilst doing a one-handed push-up.

As we had a photographer there (Mistress Serena!) I got a great picture.

Some clients are surprised to find out that session wrestling is actually a fantasy of theirs. If you enjoy being smothered, overpowered and generally taken advantage of by two powerful and sexy women then I recommend the very physical exchange that happens through kinky wrestling.

Q: Do you wrestle naked?
A: That’s a personal preference that you need to ask the session wrestler you are interested in. I personally am happy to wrestle naked for an extra cost… a great game is stripping each other off during the tussle! Give you a goal to focus on with a fun and often slippery roll by the end.

Q: Can I beat you?
A: If by beating you mean can you force me to submit through applying wrestling holds, then the answer is currently no. I do offer semi-competitive which is where you can resist and defend yourself from my advances however you cannot try and submit me. Currently in Sydney we have the wonderful Mistress Astrid who specialises in competitive wrestling in all its forms.

Q: What do you wear in a wrestling session?
A: There are many outfits available to choose from such as leotard, bikini, one-piece swimsuit, freestyle wrestling singlet (one piece), shiny lycra g-string leotard or activewear is very popular too.

Q: Can I have a fantasy role play in my wrestling session?
A: YES! And they are my favorite. If you can think of a sexy role play in which you are overpowered (literally!), then we can incorporate that into the scene. Popular role plays are things like gym role plays, kidnap, superhero/ villain, break and enter, police arrest and interrogation… nothing is too taboo to request!

Q: What other ladies in Sydney do you work with?
A: For competitive wrestling sessions I highly recommend my partners in crime Cleo Beltane and Diana Mite. They are both Sydney based and advertise on In Melbourne Minx Madam is unbeatable! And for erotic and semi-comp sessions Mistress Serena, Tallula Darling and many more.

Q: Do you have outfits I can wear?
A: Yes I have a few men’s wrestling leotards and lycra jocks. It’s so nice to be slippery in lycra!

Q: Are there any men I can wrestle?
A: Yes I have an expert WWE wrestler for a personal slave. He knows how much I enjoy watching him wrestle other men into submission. He is proficient in many many sexy holds and is available to be jobber as well as heel. For my birthday a few years ago he came to Temple 22 and let a 21 year old twink beat the shit out of him for my enjoyment. I was thrilled!

If you would like to book Mistress Serena and I for a wrestling holds session we are charging $1000 for 90 minutes.