Yes, thanks to Jesse finding us some new ladies keen to kick arse we now have 4 ladies and 4 gents booked in for the Xmas Tussle. We are very excited about this, its our first tournament ever held at HC headquarters and god knows maybe the first in Sydney! If I am wrong please let me know, I”m interested in everything to do with Mixed wrestling in Sydney. ¬†With 8 competitors all needing to wrestle each other to tap out in the 2 hours we will be eliminating contestants if they lose 3 rounds in a row. It will be 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break in between where our referee Belle Star will be raising the hand of the victor. By “mixed wrestling” we mean rounds will be alternating male v male, male v female, female v female and so on and so forth! ¬†Contestants can wear whatever they like be it sports wear, skins, bikini, swimmers, leotards, jocks, etc. We will get the crowd to pick a favourite at the end so spectators please come along with high spirits and get amongst the fun. Smart casual attire please, if you want to wear fetish clothes please bring them and get changed once you get here. I’m off to hit the gym~! Tahlia