This website has just been brought to my attention and I wanted to share it with those of you into anal play.

Anal play, strapon, prostate massage, fisting, ass fucking, pegging… there are many ways to describe the BDSM play that involves the insertion of things into the rectum. When I first began Mistressing in 1999 the prominent style of anal play in BDSM sessions was strap on play. This involves the Mistress wearing a strap-on harness with an attached dildo and performing anal sex on the submissive. Whilst this is still a popular request I think a revolution of sorts has taken place with the prostate, and prostate milking becoming the dominant form of anal pleasure, for my clients at least.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is the act of digital penetration into the anus with a focus on rubbing (nee fucking, milking, fingering) the prostate gland in a myriad of motions to produce a euphoric feeling some have said they believe akin to a female orgasm. What I like about prostate massage is the sensitive nature and control that I have through the use of my 5 fingers for penetration. throughout the is process I always ask my submissive if they are experiencing pleasure or pain, for about 50% of individuals that I see have no erotic response at all to this stimulation. I am not sure if, in this case, the sub can be conditioned to like prostate massage or if it is a purely physiological thing.  For the blessed others who discover this feat of nature and have the wherewithal to pursue its eternal capacity through professional sessions, I often declare them to be gifted. In the same way that some women are physiologically predisposed to squirting (female ejaculation), some men are predisposed to anal orgasm. YES! Milking the prostate can lead to a prostate orgasm in which a watery substance shoots out of the (often flaccid) cock. Patrons often claim to experience an urgency to urinate that comes on through the escalating milking of the gland. In fact, my earliest experience was with a heavy anal, fisting and mega-dildo training client who would experience such harsh and intense contractions when being fucked that if I were to remove the dildo at the right point he would shoot masses of water out of his cock.

It seems that over the last 20, 10 and even 5 years, the taboo around anal sex for straight men has dissipated. 10 years ago it was fashionable for anal sex scenes to be played out with one or multiple women (or others) with strap-on dildo’s performing anal sex in the traditional hetero-normative sense, mimicking that of procreative, PIV sex. Today, I find my male clients are less interested in the performative aspect of anal sex, and more interested in the intense physical sensation of prostate milking, with my fingers working directly on their gland. The intimacy of this practice, to me, is far superior to any experience I attain as a Dominant with a strap-on dildo. Being in complete control of my submissives pleasure/ pain spectrum through insertion and retraction of my warm and loving (sometimes sadistic) fingers; often literally holding their pulse in my hand… this is a rush. And making a fully grown man squirt for the first time; introducing him to parts of his body he didn’t know contained pleasure is a huge rush.

Whoops, I came here to share the article on douching and ended up doing some soul searching in the process! If you are worried about how to present yourself to me for an anal focused session then please don’t. I like to incorporate enema play into my scenes, and for some lighter sessions, such as prostate massage, I don’t require douching or enemas at all.

My next blog will hopefully be about enema etiquette. If anyone has an experience with a BDSM professional that involves an enema disaster or success please let me know. I’m compiling a list of practicalities for newbies who may be hesitant.